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CBD Salve Sale

Vertically Integrated

  • Pennsylvania LOCAL

  • Vertically integrated operation

  • Grow, process, manufacture and sell

  • Grow best cultivars with legally compliant THC levels (<0.3%)

  • 115,000 sq. ft. State-of-the-Art Growing and Post-Harvest facilities


Artisan Curing

  • Flowers are freeze-dried

  • Freeze-drying preserves quality and trichomes

  • Freeze-drying keeps the flowers' appearance fresh 

  • At-least twice the volume of flowers compared to conventional curing, thus more quantity for a consumer

CBD Salve Sale


  • Hydroponically grown in a glass greenhouse through-out a year under pristine sunlight (NO ARTIFICIAL LIGHT)

  • Highly hygienic growing environment

  • Organic growing media-cocopeat

  • Herbicides or systemic pesticides never used

  • Biological pesticides used

  • Greenhouse grade fertilizers used

  • 100% sustainable agriculture


Trichome Extracts

  • Oils are stored in Glandular Trichomes

  • Glandular trichomes extracted via freeze and fracture technique with liquid CO2

  • Extracted glandular trichomes are generally called kief

  • High in CBD and terpenes

  • Can be used for cooking, baking, coffee, tea etc - just add a required quantity

Supercritical CO2 Extractor.jpg

Full Spectrum Oil

  • Extract our own grown industrial hemp

  • Full spectrum CBD Oil extracted with supercritical CO2 extractor

  • No solvents used for extraction

  • Highly hygienic extraction 

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract used for formulations


Quality Control

  • Third-party testing of all our products to stay in compliance with regulations

  • We track each and every bottle

  • Manufacturing date and expiration date specified

  • CBD strength always exceeds labelled strength

  • Every product has a QR code which enables an user to verify Certificate of Analysis

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